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This is a fictional wiki. It is a project creating a whole alternate history. If you would like to contribute, feel free to let me know.

Quick summery:
Since the Great Depression, the USA has never really recovered. In 1979, Independent Governor James Longley of Maine, Republican Governor Meldrim Thomson Jr. of New Hampshire, Republican Governor Richard Snelling of Vermont, Democratic Governor Edward King of Massachusetts, Democratic Governor J. Joseph Garrahy of Rhode Island, and Republican Governor Ella Grasso of Connecticut meet in Boston and vote 6-0 in favor of seceding for the Union. The secession became official on April 15th, 1979.

Current Status of The Republic of New England (RoNE)Edit

Year: 1980
President: Edward King (L)
Vice President: vacant
Governor of Connecticut: Ella Grasso (M)
Governor of Maine: James Longley (N)
Governor of Massachusetts: Thomas O'Neill (L)
Governor of New Hampshire: Meldrim Thomson (C)
Governor of Rhode Island: Joseph Garrahy (L)
Governor of Vermont: Republican Richard Snelling
Representative of The Clinton County Territory: John Sanchez (L)

(S) Socialist: 0
(L) Liberalist: 4
(N) Neutralist: 1
(C) Conservatist: 1
(M) Monarchist: 1

(R) Republican: 1 (Not eligible for re-election)


1979: The New Government
1980: The New Political Layout


Edward King

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